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Have you ever wondered...
Grandpa, how did you propose to Grandma?
What was it like growing up on your farm?
What inspires you?
How did our family survive the Depression?

Have you wanted to be sure to tell your family...
Whatís been important to you in your life?
Whatís made you happy, or sad?
What you wish you had done differently?
What youíre grateful for?

You would love to hear your motherís voice telling that old family story one more time. Now you can assure that your own family will always have the stories they love to hear you tell.

In our busy lives we often donít take time to learn about what has shaped the people we love. Or to share with them important things about ourselves. The opportunity to know and see and hear the stories of our loved ones can be fun and a powerful experience for everyone.

Through the process of guided video autobiography, Ellen Luepker and Living Portraits will help you preserve these rich memories for you and for future generations.

What's new at Living Portraits?

Extraordinary video histories of companies and organizations.

  • Video interviews with founding executives create records of mission, values and history.
  • Interviews with key staff and satisfied clients identify what created organizations' success.
  • Living Portraits help boards to understand companies' culture so they can shape their future.

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